Faking Your Rules

While Emily started to prepare herself for bed, she couldn't help but think, how is it ever going to be possible for her to loose 28 pounds, in order to be in the shape she wants. She cringed her eye brows in the mirror while she brushed her teeth thinking, maybe if actually admitting her one reoccurring mistake to herself, it will get her one step closer. She thought about how she talks to her friends about being overweight, how unhappy it makes her.

The one problem she does tend to have is making the time to exercise.

She can sleep oversleep almost everyday. She tells herself "I didn't work out now but I will later in the night" then when the night comes the next excuse will be " I cant work out now I ate too much unhealthy food,  I'll push myself in the morning." Its a non-stop cycle. This time, this night instead of telling herself to wake up in the morning and just workout. Emily pointed at herself in the mirror deciding to change her cycle, to stop feeding herself obligatory goals. She created the desire by researching all the different workouts she can do. Creating a routine that she will do a few times a week. Everything was written down on a board to spark her desire every time she took a glance. The morning came and as soon as her eyes opened

Emily jumped off the bed with no hesitation, with a load of fuel to do 3 sets instead of her normal 2 set.

She felt the passion grow inside herself to do more, to go harder every morning for two weeks. She lost 30 pounds in 22 days and she couldn't feel anymore invigorated. After pushing herself to not have the same excuse everything else in her life changed immensely.

Excuses didn't exist, obligatory rules didn't exist, lying to herself did not exist.

She had no idea being honest with herself could have changed her life so much.