Be Fearfully made

Most of the time we are our worse critique. 

    Most times we feel unworthy of ourself. Incapable of what our true desires are. We can torture ourself until our last breath, until there was never even a beginning of the torture. We can spend an eternity focused on the inevitable. We can make a story out of one that never even existed to begin with. Have you ever wondered after a certain amount of time, being so negative about yourself,

where the heck did the time go?

The best and possibly worse thing we can even just try, is do what you are so afraid to do. The worse case scenario will be to imagine to jump a bungee jump and break all your bones; In fact your actually super secured. You imagined all the bad ways of not making it. So see what its like to imagine all the ways you can actually make it. Let your fear thats keeping you from getting what you want in your life, motivate you.

Kick your fear in the ass, fight yourself.

You may be surprised how much energy you gained back from all the energy waisted doubting yourself. Take doubt, can't, shouldn't, would've out of your vocabulary.

" If I try to write this story not many people will read it, I will be waisting my time. My parents said there is to much competition. I will run out of ideas. I have to much going on in my life, I cant make the time to do what I want. I'm not in the mood right now nobody will take there time to read an entire book anyway. Im scared of being judged by people. "

Taking doubt of my vocabulary 

" I'm writing write now, so what if anyone reads it, I am having fun regardless. Theres no competition because in fact there is nobody like me. I will do it regardless of what anyone thinks. I may not be in the mood but I am going to get off my ass anyway and do it because I tell my mood how it should feel, not the other way around. I will never run out of anything to write about because the sky is the limit, there is endless ideas. I'll take a trip to Zimbawee if I have to to gain inspiration. I am in fact pretty awesome so if anyone takes their precious time to judge me I must be doing something right" 

Being scared of anything in life will eat at you... slowly. You are fearfully & wonderfully made do not waist anymore time thinking other wise :)