What do you deserve?

Lisa woke up one morning feeling like she isn't where she wants to be. She started to go for her normal daily routine. Eats a little breakfast then starts to heads for her minimum wage job at Chipotle. She tried to shake off the fact that she wants to make music. Her heart sings all the time but she knows its impossible for her to do what she wants because in her mind she thinks

how is this possible.

Her parents were hardly ever given a chance to go for their dreams. They could hardly afford rent, they couldn't pay for themselves to even go to college. Lisa's aunts and Uncles went to college and now they are just in debt. While Lisa sits on the train cart contemplating how it kills her inside that she cant be all that she wants. A gentleman starts dancing on the train she see's him moving every ligament in his body to the beat. She starts to feel proud for him that he can do that. In that moment she realizes she can't hide she is anymore. She deserves to be proud of herself and fight for what she wants even if she has to work 30 jobs to pay for studio time. If he can do this in front of a few dozen people in the train for a few bucks, she can too. She stopped him to pretend to give him a $1. She asked him

" how do you do this without thinking about what you don't have that you need?"

He said " everyday it takes a certain amount of courage to not worry about the what if's and only worry about what you deserve, what you need what you want" and he walked towards the other people handing him money for his great dance moves. She sat back and felt this warm sensation in her body like she couldn't wait to go home and write a few songs. She realized it took some inspiration from someone else for her to finally be inspired and be the person of her dreams.