When you laugh at something, unless its really funny. You would laugh for maximum 4 minutes. When you touch something you will feel it for a second. The sense of touch doesn’t last long unless you’re holding something for a very long time, otherwise you will forget what you're fingers might have brushed against.

If you look around the room for 10 seconds, can you name 5 things that you just saw?

Most likely not, you will probably want to look again. Besides the time that you were you’re happiest recently, can you think of the last time you felt any bit of joy; happiness ? Most likely not, you may think of only the happiest time rather then if you felt joy when the cashier smiled at you and said “ have a nice day” 

When were so busy focusing on something else we loose sight of figuring out who we are as a person in just everyday regular activities, chores, endeavors. Lets say most days

you walk home from work, thinking about how tired you are, you're dreading having to wake up in the morning for work,

you have to feed you’re children when you get home, but you don't feel like cooking. Although while you are walking there are these beautiful roses on the side of the street, in the market. If you were to happen to take 5 seconds out of you’re time to look at the roses, appreciate the roses, probably want to buy the roses. Wouldn’t that change you’re walk home completely. You happened to stop thinking about whats happening later and

you took the time to enjoy a little moment.

The next day the same thing might just happen again. Once you start taking an appreciation for the smallest things it will change who you are. The cushion you’re sitting on, you’re butt must feel comfortable. The shoes you’re standing in have really good support for you’re feet, wiggle your toes.

The fingers you have on you’re hands come in handy throughout the day.

The eyes you have that you’re able to see with, have seen a lot today. It starts with appreciating what you have. Not many people, can see, can hear, can walk. Their problems are much greater then yours. Next time you bite into something be thankful for all the different tastes on you’re tongue.

When you walk pass the trees, be thankful for trees, we have paper and a number of things.

One moment, one second, one step, one look can change you're entire outlook on life. Pay a little bit of attention to what you are experiencing..