Living Hopeless

It’s 11:00 am, you fee like you want to sleep more. Staying in you’re dreams feels better than facing reality. You’re skimming through Instagram for an hour, without realizing. Waking up disappointed in yourself.

You may feel unworthy of anything.

All the faith in who you are has vanished. The word hope wouldn’t come to mind, in any condition. There’s about a hundred stories that brought you here. These stories would come come up a few times a day. Parts of you have held on to so many things for even just 2 days,

You may be letting things affect you in ways that in fact won’t mean anything in an hour, a week, a minute.

Only if you happen to make one simple decision, let it go. Let all of it go, notice for once, what is it doing for you? Its all now just thoughts, ask yourself, how can it affect you? Decide to do something you would never actually do. Wake up out of bed, let all the thoughts go. 

Then, take an initiative towards what will benefit you.