The Pursuit of Success

Its easy to say I want to be a millionaire, I want to be successful, I want to build a future for myself and my future children. The hard part, of course there is always a hard part nothing is easy.. ever. The hard part is getting what you want. We mainly taunt ourselves with the question Why?

Why aren't I getting what I want? Why is this so hard ? Why am I being pushed down before I get up?

We have to stop asking why and ask a new question How ? How can I be successful ? how can I make this easier for myself ? How do I go for what I want ? How can I push myself harder? Its so easy to get frustrated, its easier to experience the bad things in life. Its easier to sulk or cry, its easier to pretend to be dead rather then to live.

The question is are you dead or are you alive ?

Of course we want to live. So how do we live ? Most of the time we have to pertain some action first.Usually to pursuit something it takes an amount of work. Work, and then work some more, work hard. Never stop working. Pretend you’re in your own “ I want to be a millionaire race” Therefore you have to move fast you cant ever stop. The faster you move, more energy you put, you get quicker.

Theres no time for why, theres no time to question whats going on, your in a race.

Don't let procrastination stop you. That television show will be on Hulu in no time, it will go on demand it can wait. Your race can't wait, your life can't wait. The moment you stop an entirely new cycle starts to happen after this television show you will start working, then you get kind of hungry after you eat you will start, 

spending 2 hours on Instagram scrolling through peoples pictures watching other peoples lives

forgetting about yours telling yourself "I will start when I wake up in the morning." The race must never stop until you get what you want after that you reward yourself with the metal. Your expectations will grow, you will be more enthused to pursuit anything, you will become more competent, your attitude will change, you will have a different perspective on people that aren't motivated. Your energy will increase. You will be successful. When this happens congratulations its time for some cheesecake!