Bring value to others


  1. Your belief in another person not only reminds you of what you’re capable of but it reminds the other person of what their capable of
  2. When you have values for yourself it teaches people to bring strength to their values
  3. Approach someone with a win-win- meaning its collaborative, & you were sure to nurture these decisions, its cooperative & there is respect between each other 
  4. Accept people for who they are. Rather than enforcing change, wishing they were better, or different
  5. Be forgiving, be patient, cut the person some slack

  6. Never burn a bridge. You don’t know the future 20 years from now that person may open the door for you or close it when you need it for the dream you had for 20 years
  7. When you are going to an event with people that are in the same field think of the bigger picture, when that person says I have a drone think of all the things you can do with a drone & give that person a proposal that can benefit one another.
  8. Network. Don’t be shy, don’t be bitter, don’t be nasty, don’t be negative, be positive. Bring out the greatness in yourself, be optimistic, be spontaneous, be yourself

  9. Let go of your ego, it holds you back, who cares if you did the same thing better, if you wouldn’t be caught dead talking to that person, or if you know you have more followers than that person. The person may be smarter, wiser, & you don’t know that person, nor what they are going through  
  10. Appreciate people not only for what they can do, but for who they are

  11. Talk to random people, we were told at a young age not to talk to strangers, so it stuck with us for most of our life. But your not a little child anymore talk to strangers. Of course don’t follow them into dark alley ways. Know your limits
  12. Don’t over think what that person is thinking, thats way too much thinking. Just do. Being afraid to go up to that person thinking “ that person might be mean, that person won’t speak to me, I don’t know how to approach the person” since you are afraid, that means you have to find out what happens. Again, just do 
  13. Just because you didn’t go to college to become a teacher doesn’t mean you can’t teach people what you know. Teaching people brings you back to the basics, it helps you by refreshing your memory & it helps the person know something they can use for their life
  14. Follow, listen. Two important lessons, you cannot know everything allow the other person to teach you even if you already know, learn again

  15. Be selfless- do something for someone without having to gain something
  16. Love fiercely, love with out purpose, love without condition
  17. We are all stronger together
  18. Being the best version of yourself doesn’t mean be better than everyone else 
  19. Do not judge that person because of what you think your standards are. No-one is smaller than you, no-one is uglier, no-one is what you think of them. They are human just like you. 
  20. When you think you can do it alone, you are creating barrier around yourself that nothing can get around therefore you will never do it
  21. In order to have a life we have to be able to build with people, believe in people, cry with people, count on people, confide in people, attract people, donate to people, acknowledge people, agree & disagree with people, forgive people, disclose with people, embrace people. It all comes back to people
  22. Ask people “ Hey what can I do for you?” 

  23. When you reach the top of a mountain, run a marathon, buy a new house, get a new job, get pregnant, you will want to share this news with someone but how can you do that when you wanted to do everything on your own, now you have no-one 
  24. You can’t reach the top of the mountain without someone, maybe you can but wouldn’t you rather do it with people cheering one another on saying “ we can do it, we got this, we are almost there, we are going to enjoy that piece of pie after this” 
  25. A team can bring you more ideas, a team can help you make a better decision, a team can push you to do a better job. So bring a team together
  26. Focusing on teaching the person how to become better version of themselves without realizing brings your dream to life
  27. Having challenges or you have a goal; in life their are always people to help 

  28. Believing in someone brings an energy source that can give just what the person needs rather than criticizing & diminishing 
  29. Collaborate with everyone, anyone you can’t ever know where your work or dreams might take you, when you share dreams with people.
  30. We are all growing & blooming, time is never running out. Even when we make it there is still so many more obstacles, so many more dreams to fulfill. Helping people, guiding people in the right direction is what builds a forest so we all can bloom together.