Having Confidence Always IV

As we are growing and learning how to be human, obtaining the job that will make us feel whole. Going through accomplishments, failing over and over. We tend to seek approval from our peers and parents;

to show people that we can do it even when they said we couldn’t.

The problem with being dependent on people is the moment we aren’t being praised. When its quiet and nobody is cheering us on; We think that something is wrong we tend to doubt ourself. The job, or the accomplishments aren’t good enough. We feel less than because nobody noticed all the hard work you put into that new medal. The hard truth is

not one person in this world has to give you recognition.

Nobody owes you an applause. Most of the time people don’t know how to express compassion, or even express gratitude for your hard work. Some people cant help it; For example, Alexa complimented on Eric’s suit. Eric said “I know I worked hard on this suit.” She couldn’t understand why he didn’t express gratitude. So she asked him “why don’t you say thank you, most people would.” He said without hesitation,

"because I don’t need to be thankful for something I already know.”

Alexa said “ but isn’t it basic manners” He said “ in Scotland none of us ever say thank you for compliments we will just tell the person where the blouse is from because we know if we are wearing it its because it looks good.” Therefore, because of his upbringing its not his fault that he lacks compassion, its just the way people can be. Alexa could have found him rude but she gave him the benefit of the doubt to let him be who he is.

We can’t try to fit people into our mold, you give people room to be who they are.

Give people the benefit of the doubt, we are all flawed, we all have shortcomings. We can’t all perform perfectly. Otherwise we will have a bunch of robots walking around giving each other praise and compliments not giving us a chance to grow. When its quiet use that time to love yourself instead of doubting yourself. Become dependent on your affirmations, look at yourself in the mirror and tell the person looking back at you

“ I am beautiful, I am amazing, I am talented, I am kind, I am who I want to be”

Let that become your new motto, waiting for someone to tell you you’re beautiful, when they do,  that compliment will last for 5 seconds. The more you look for something that people aren't giving you, you will never feel complete. So you become strong enough to never need reassurance from anyone, but to only reassure yourself as soon as you may have any bit of doubts. To have confidence always.