Happy Valentines Day

When it comes to valentines day some of us are in love or aren’t but either way we have an expectation of this day. For those of us not in a relationship, we see love all over social media, & have a bit of jealous inhibitions. But today is a reminder to love… Love everything not just another person. Loving yourself...
There is no possible way a person can fully love anything else if you don’t love who you are, what you’ve become after time has passed.

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Loving your flaws, take a look in the mirror and be thankful for what you see in your reflection.

Release all the thoughts you hold onto about yourself. We are our worse critiques, we think about our perception of ourself in the most harsh ways throughout the day. Spend this day and as many days as possible telling yourself good things.
Appreciate yourself for what you have in this moment.
You have the world at your fingertips, in this moment. What you want, what has to happen next, let it go.
Enjoy this moment to love who you are. 

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When I have a moment to appreciate myself I like to read to expand my knowledge. Picking up a book to grow your imagination, dialogue, attention span, and much more. Is a form of self love. It’s so easy to pretend like we know everything, when in fact we know nothing at all. When we choose to excel to become better, we look at things from one perception. But many people have accomplished what they set out to and have written about it. Set your ego aside and allow yourself to learn. 

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Connection is what we seek when it comes to this day, Valentines day. So we think of how lonely we are. But in reality there is always something going on in the world. We can choose to not be alone by surrounding yourself with whats always going on. whats alive and constantly changing. 

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Nature, its constantly changing, growing, blossoming. Buy yourself some roses that are  on every corner during this day. Love the flower for what it is, just as how you should love yourself for what it is. Feel the petals against your skin. Look at the colors the veins in the petals. Smell the rose until you can't hear see or feel anything, only sense the smell. Finding things that ground you like nature, is allowing yourself to be present and love who you are in this moment. Happy Valentines day You ! 

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