Practicing Self love

How often do we walk past the beauty in the world? Walking 20 miles per hour, rushing to get somewhere. Where are you really going if you can’t ever take a second to stop and listen to the drums.

We need to reconstruct our minds

To make a conscious decision to stop.
Walk slower, breathe,
feel your feet on the ground,
listen to all of the sounds around you,
smile for no reason, jump up and down,
dance with no music,
touch something and feel every part of it.

Making conscious decisions allows you to be aboundingly present. When we are so focused on where we are going, what is the next move, trying to figure out what people are thinking, feeling. We loose all sight of whats right in front of your eyes.

When we wake up and automatically run to our phones to look at social media to watch other peoples lives,

Wishing you had the same life as they do. Followed by rushing to get to that meeting, thinking of what they will think of you, what you need to talk about. Its all a bit overwhelming. We then either suffer from depression, high anxiety, headaches, loneliness. The lonlines comes from wishful thinking, focusing on everything else but you. Ask yourself some questions, Where are you right now? Where are you in life? What have you learned this week ? What did you do yesterday ? We need to pay more attention to ourself. Self love is extremely important, The world would become a lot more clear. Everything will become a lot more genuine. You will be more in tune with yourself therefore you'll be able to act on your intentions, decisions, and goals. Nothing will stop you!