Sarahs Goals

Its a Sunday morning, Sarah starts waking up, slowly opening her eyes. She feels like something is missing, she can’t figure out what it is. As she gets out of bed she takes out her phone, reads all her text messages from last night. One of them stands out from the guy she met at the bar last night while she was a little drunk.

Chris he wrote “ if you cant figure out, why you haven’t accomplished what you want, then set goals for yourself”

She grunts, getting annoyed to have read the message so early, figuring out what they discussed last night. She realizes she is only angry because it makes her feel less than about herself. She responds “ I’m not a child and this isn’t new years, whats setting a goal going to do for me.” She throws the phone on the bed, grabs her towel and heads to the shower. Sarah hears her phone bleep, she shakes her head at the thought of knowing its Chris. While she puts soap on her body she wonders about what he texted.

“Is a goal like I have to push myself to brush my teeth twice a day?” she asks herself.

While she dries herself, walking to her phone, she starts reading Chris’s message. He wrote “actually setting goals for yourself will be the most adult thing you will ever do. You get to set an objective and follow through. Every decision you make will only be for that goal you want to accomplish. You will build strength in yourself rather than question your decisions. On the other hand, a New years goal is just a stepping stone, its a question of what will you change for that year. While an “ adult goal “ pertains to lifetime changes.”

While she reads his messages she looks up at herself in the mirror questioning all her life decisions, raising her eye brow to herself.

She responds to him “ I’m sorry for the rude response, I realize you’re just trying to help me and I must admit I’m not really a morning person” she looks at herself again in the mirror raises her shoulders and texts him again. She writes “ I kind of have no idea where to start, I feel a little sorry for myself but I know that will get me no where. How can I know what goals to set? How do I reach what I have no idea to accomplish?” She starts to get dressed remembering how she loved painting, that would be a good goal to set for herself, to paint. Her phone rings its Chris calling, she’s not sure if she wants to answer, but still does. 

Sarah answers“ good morning “  

Chris said “ hello there, wasn’t sure if you would answer since you aren’t a morning person and all” 

Sarah says “ I made an exception since you seem to have peeked my interest” 

Chris says “ well good then, hopefully it happens every morning”

Sarah“ did I mention that this is happening every morning, peeking my interest every morning will have to be a goal, other wise it would be extremely hard” 

Chris “ oh right about the goals! thats why I called, you’re voice is distracting “ 

Sarah laughs 

Chris says “ you mentioned that you don’t know where to start, I think thats everyones problem is starting something new. It can feel rather uncomfortable for most. It has to start with writing something down, that you want to accomplish and post sticky notes all around you’re house to remind you of what you should be doing, until it becomes a habit” 

Sarah “ yes while I was getting ready I remembered how much I love painting that could be goal I set for myself to paint again”

Chris “ exactly tell yourself you will paint a few times a week set it in you’re calendar, put notes around you’re house telling yourself hey are you painting right now” 

Sarah “ thank you so much Chris I actually feel motivated, I will go buy paint right now. You are very kind to give me this advice while hardly knowing me.”

Chris “ well I think as long as you have any one to remind you of what you are capable of then you will always be a morning person, I hope you have an amazing day Im so happy to have helped, brings me joy. Have a great day” 

Sarah “ and you as well, goodbye”