Strength during the Hustle

When we are striving for a goal or dream we tend to have a few setbacks. So we think its a sign of weakness, when we’re down in the dumps. Its quiet, nothing is happening so we’re failing and should just give up, is our usual thought process. Success doesn’t happen in one day. Its called a hustle because we’re battling for that dream. We have to fight that thought process. Take the step back so you can take 10 steps forward. Sit down on that step, give yourself sometime, not weeks or months.

Tell yourself “I need a day or two from wanting that goal and I have to look at my environment.”

Strength comes from growing stronger. Weakness grows from sulking and wishful thinking. We think sadness or depression is the worse thing in the world when in reality were confusing it with paying attention to ourselves. That step you’re sitting on isn’t sadness its the one moment that’s going to give you the power you need to get through every setback.

We aren’t failing when we sit we are progressing.

Use this time to gain a different perception than that average thought process. We’ll tend to stay away from people when we feel like we aren’t winning, so we don’t have anything to share. When in fact its people that give us that jolt of energy we need.
Of course we have to choose wisely seeking mentors or peers that will have some answers. Not people that will knock you down when you’re already down. Although, we do usually try to stay away from people of substance because we don’t want to show people when we’re weak. Change that thought process, be vulnerable.

Health plays a significant part in our strength.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you. When we are only focusing on the future we loose sight of even our eating habit. We think “ when I get more money I’ll eat healthier.” Depriving ourself from the nutrients thats going to make us stronger to get to the future. We need strength now, not tomorrow, not a week from now, not after you do this or do that. Sit on the step and eat that banana that has potassium and Trytophan. The tryptophan converts to serotonin which brings you happiness. The potassium conducts electricity in our bodies. We need happiness and electricity to build strength to reach to the lengths of achievements we want. The step we’re sitting on isn’t depression its clarity. What needs to be clarified in our lives in this moment? What needs fixing? What haven’t we been paying attention to in the last few weeks/ days that has led us to feel deprived? Soon as we ask ourselves the right questions from all different perspectives, not just one. Remember to slow down only then is when we take the next step and take action.

Keep hustling..