The Hustle

When you have a vision, when theres something you’ve seen that can’t be seen from anyone else. The Hustle becomes letting it be real life. Making every move, only related to you’re vision.

Every decision becomes a move in you’re own chess game.

Exchanging old habits like you would a pawn to allow the knight to get closer to you’re opponent ( in this analogy you’re old habits for new ones to get closer to you’re vision) you’re hustle, you’re direction will become all you know. Many will not understand & those who do will want to help. Allowing them to see you’re hustle gives people a new outlook on a direction they will want go as well.

After a while you wake up & realize “ I am my own boss”

Theres no one pushing you to wake up in the morning but you. Theres no one checking up on you but you. Theres no such thing as being comfortable, you’re comfort zone no longer exists. In fact being uncomfortable is a new challenge for yourself every single day. Speaking in front of 30 people, will get easier.

Not going to events because you’re an introvert is not an option anymore.

You become more responsible, without realizing it just comes natural. Strategic thinking is a new skill you develop, you aim for higher always; after this development. Settling isn’t an option, theres a new drive in you. A drive that a mediocre decision will not happen. Although there will be a ton of mistakes. As long as you’re in hustle mode you know how to learn from the mistakes,

you won’t let it overcome you’re hustle.

Discovery mode becomes you, you discover new talents, new skills, a new perspective on life. When hustle mode is over and you’re vision is in front of you, you are free. This is the absolute most freeing experience anyone can ever feel because you’ve worked beyond hard to get to this point. Congratulations, time for cheesecake!