Strength during the Hustle

Strength comes from growing stronger. Weakness grows from sulking and wishful thinking. We think sadness or depression is the worse thing in the world when in reality were confusing it with paying attention to ourselves. That step you’re sitting on isn’t sadness its the one moment that’s going to give you the power you need to get through every setback.

We aren’t failing when we sit we are progressing.

Use this time to gain a different perception than that average thought process. We’ll tend to stay away from people when we feel like we aren’t winning, so we don’t have anything to share. When in fact its people that give us that jolt of energy we need.

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Bring value to others

  1. Approach someone with a win-win- meaning its collaborative, & you were sure to nurture these decisions, its cooperative & there is respect between each other 
  2. Accept people for who they are. Rather than enforcing change, wishing they were better, or different
  3. Be forgiving, be patient, cut the person some slack

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Sarahs Goals

 He wrote “actually setting goals for yourself will be the most adult thing you will ever do. You get to set an objective and follow through. Every decision you make will only be for that goal you want to accomplish. You will build strength in yourself rather than question your decisions. On the other hand, a New years goal is just a stepping stone, its a question of what will you change for that year. While an “ adult goal “ pertains to lifetime changes.”

While she reads his messages she looks up at herself in the mirror questioning all her life decisions, raising her eye brow to herself.

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