Fire Up the Light With in

By starting with “ but I can’t, I don’t have time, I don’t have this, I wouldn’t be able to, it won’t work anyway” Any idea turns into complete darkness just from our usual mindset. No-one in the world has the capacity to turn off your lightbulb,

you do it all on your own.

Then, when we’re living in complete darkness, surrounded by bad habits. We cry for blame, its all everyone else’s fault, or everything else’s fault. When the only person who diminished each idea started and ended with yourself. If we chose to keep the lightbulb on we’re kicking that habit to the curve, there is no way it would be able to bring any darkness. You decided to pay the light bill.

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Strength during the Hustle

Strength comes from growing stronger. Weakness grows from sulking and wishful thinking. We think sadness or depression is the worse thing in the world when in reality were confusing it with paying attention to ourselves. That step you’re sitting on isn’t sadness its the one moment that’s going to give you the power you need to get through every setback.

We aren’t failing when we sit we are progressing.

Use this time to gain a different perception than that average thought process. We’ll tend to stay away from people when we feel like we aren’t winning, so we don’t have anything to share. When in fact its people that give us that jolt of energy we need.

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